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Accessories such as small pouches are the best thing that can happen to mankind. Our vintage-style pouches are inspired by rich traditions and culture. This reflects in the prints that have been curated for each pouch. Different patterns and sizes ensure that something is available for everyone on the website. Pouches and small bag accessories are best suited to those who wish to carry small items such as their phones, or makeup, or change, or smaller documents in one pack. Moreover, these pouches can easily fit into your backpack as well.

Pouches are undoubtedly one of the most convenient things that you can carry. The hanging flaps on the pouch make it very easy for you to take them anywhere you want without having to hold them in your hand. With simplified mobility being the key to success, there is nothing that can now restrict you. This is symbolic of breaking free from the shackles of society, too. You can carry these pouch accessories to formal meetings, a casual day out with your girl gang, or a sudden shopping plan where the deals are irresistible.

You can buy different colors to match your style. Earlier, pouches were considered “daddy accessories” because they did not look trendy. but now, SIXTEASE has changed this for you completely. Now, you have no excuse to turn them down. If you have a simple and elegant fashion style, then these pouches are tailor-made for you because they are not bold yet classy.