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Our messenger bags are designed keeping customer needs in mind. This is why there is a range to pick from. Right from long-strapped shoulder bags to small-handled messenger bags, we have it all. Curated to be your travel buddy on the way, these messenger bags are available in classic undertones of earthy shades and tints.

These are unisex bags that look stunning on both men and women. With ethnic styles making a huge comeback this fashion season, there is no reason to turn down these messenger bags. The best way to style them is to carry them when you are wearing comfortable khadi or cotton trousers and an easy-breezy shirt to complete the look.

To discuss these up-cycled canvas messenger bags a little more, I would like to draw your attention to how different they are from other websites. These bags are a perfect combination of being eco-friendly as well as chic. It would be fun to see you check other websites and then come back here!

The exclusive range is only available on the website and this gives you instant access to the original timelessness of ethnic styles. Prints such as cycles, leaves, and animal prints give a very country-side vibe. This is a fresh take by our designers on what is understood by ‘True happiness in the woods’. That is the central theme of our messenger bag collections and buyers have already been left awe-struck. Now, it is your chance to get on to the wagon and get showered with compliments.