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If you are tired of expensive gifts and are looking for pocket-friendly gift ideas, then earthen keychains and coasters are the best picks for you. These are highly personal gestures that show you were thinking about them. Moreover, the vintage style and classic prints are perfect to match every home décor. Remember, everything you ever gift should be useful and lasting. Thus, what better than our collection of hand-picked inventiveness and innovation?

Moreover, gifts are also souvenirs that represent you in your absence. Coasters and keychains are some of the cutest gift ideas that you can think of. The best part of girting these is that they are very easy to carry and can be stored with the same convenience. When you buy these printed gifts from the website, you gift a part of your thoughts too. That is what matters the most.

If you are looking for bulk orders of corporate gifts online, then SIXTEASE can be the best place for you. We have a range of ideas and content that you can sell easily. With such facilities at your fingertips, you do not need to search anywhere else anymore.

Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary, or another achievement at the office, these gifts are perfectly curated to fit every occasion. Even if there is nothing special, you can brighten someone’s day with these little things. After all, nothing beats the joy of surprises and the small things in life. Let’s make the world a happier place, let’s get gifting!