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Duffel bags are perhaps the most stylish and chic of all bags that have ever existed. You can carry them to your next trip, a gym session, or just a casual get-together at your friend’s place for the next tea party and you have a lot of things to carry. They are the perfect sports accessory that you can carry to the sports park next time. Our classic range of duffels is made to accommodate every type of traveler and user. Thus, you can find several earthy undertones and contemporary looks. You can experiment with different prints and create a style statement each time you step out.

Duffels created by SIXTEASE are tested under several situations before they hit the shelves. The idea is to create a contemporary look so that you do not need to keep buying bags over and over. The sustainable and recycled materials used at our production stages ensure that we go as green as possible. priced at extremely affordable rates, these duffels can make heads turn your way instantly. It is an elegant accessory that you can take. The zipper and flap systems make it completely safe and secure.

If you are looking to gift something to a special someone, then a duffel is a great idea. Think out of the box, think SIXTEASE!

A pro styling tip for duffel bags: Carry duffel bags in complete contrast to the color that you are wearing. that will ensure that your bag and outfit get equal attention from everyone!