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Keychains are honestly the cutest gifts ever. There was a time when keychains used to be gifts we exchanged in schools but they are now making a huge comeback as affordable and lovely gifts. You can choose from our range of classic and vintage-style keychains. They can be attached to bags and zippers to get a cooler and quirkier look. Keychains are great souvenirs and tell others that they were in your thoughts. The central theme behind our line of keychains is ‘Gestures over monetary value’. Thus, the small keychains will serve your purpose well.


Keychains are great corporate gifts that can be ordered in bulk without burning a hole in your pocket. Imagine a situation where you have left your bunch of keys in a box but returned to find several other bunches there. Then, how do you identify the bunch that belongs to you? The answer is rather simple! All you need is an appealing keychain for instant identification of your belongings. Someone has correctly said that keychains are nothing less than small wonders of the fashion world. You may not be aware but your keychain choices actually speak tons about you. Thus, you should pick keychains only from SIXTEASE to look elegant, classy, and grounded.


Charming and distinctly personalized, these distinct keychains can help you express yourself better and capture your true emotions at any given point of time. These individualistic items tend to become a part of your personality. To conclude, a lot of thought goes into the making and gifting of keychains.