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Tote bags are usually carried by ladies who need to head out of the house regularly and need to carry a lot. Tote bags are way more spacious than cross body bags and more fashionable than backpacks. Keeping this in mind, we have ensured that our range of tote bags is comfortable as well. The straps are so installed that they do not leave marks on your hands or shoulders. Moreover, they have enough space so you can easily carry notebooks and tablets in them. we have a complete range of matching tote bags and pouches that can be brought together to get a complete look book.

Available at extremely affordable rates, these bags have printed schemes such as floral, Aztec, checks, positive words, and landscape scenery. The central theme of our collection is ‘Inspiration for a better world’. These prints and ideas are directed to let people know more about the Australian and Amazon forest fires that killed innumerable humans and species of animals. With these messages and deer-prints, you too can be a part of the change that we wish to make.

It is time to make tote bags a thing for the Millenials too. SIXTEASE has made it possible with this new range.

SIXTEASE has left no stone unturned to innovate and experiment with contemporary looks. These totes are multi-purpose bags that can be stored easily and cleaned without any hassles. If you are looking for the perfect tote bags to complete your daily look, then your quest ends right here. Just scroll down and take your pick!